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Learn how effective your Facebook marketing strategy is. Add the URL of your Facebook Page and that of your competitors to see how you performed on Facebook in the last 90 days. Take a look at the sample report.

Find Out How You’re Performing on Facebook

Do you know how efficient your Facebook advertising is? Learn where you stand in the market and how you can improve your Facebook strategy based on data. Uncover your strengths and weaknesses across three key performance indicators:

Promoted Post Strategy on Facebook

Your Facebook Page’s Performance in a Quadrant View

Find out where you stand against your key competitors. See if you’re a market leader or if there’s room for growth. Get actionable recommendations on how you can improve your strategy to gain more ground.

Your Facebook Performance Quadrant

Your Facebook Post Promotion Effectiveness

Learn if you’re investing your Facebook budget efficiently and if you’re maximizing the return on your advertising investment. Compare your promotion effectiveness to your competitors.

Your Promotion Strategy in Greater Contex

Your Share of Interactions from Boosted Posts

Learn if you’re promoting your best quality content and frequently enough to maximize the share of interactions you receive from boosted posts.